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Global Buzz - July 2010

Global Buzz is an ‘immediate measure' of globalization: it indicates levels of global activity that are happening within selected cities over a given month. This short-term measure allows cities to be closely monitored over time. Results are produced for 62 cities in the form of % global buzz occurring in each city.

The first results were released for September 2009; here we release the results for July 2010 and the tenth set of monthly change results. There are two tables below that provide the detailed levels of Global Buzz and the monthly change.

Main points:

  • There are two main stories this month. First, the duopoly at the top has declined: Singapore is the 3rd biggest loser and Hong Kong the second biggest loser so that they constitute just one fifth of Global Buzz in July.
  • Second and otherwise, the rise of Pacific Asian cities continues apace: Bangkok is first ranked for change and rises from 10th to 4th; Taipei is second ranked for change and rises from 17th to 6th ; Beijing is third ranked for change and rises from outside the top 20 to 10th; Tokyo is fifth ranked for change and rises from 16th to 8th. With Shanghai maintaining its top ten position (from 6th to 7th), this means that 7 of the top ten cities for Global Buzz in July are Pacific Asian cities.
  • London and New York are also big winners (ranking 4th and 6th in change) resulting in the latter rising one place to 3rd and London consolidating its fifth position.
  • The other top ten city in July is Washington, rising from 12th to 9th.
  • Mumbai and Los Angeles were big gainers of buzz in June but now become losers in July: Mumbai is the biggest loser and drops out of the top 10 (from 3rd to 16th); Los Angeles is the fifth worse loser and drops from 7th back to 14th, the position it held in May.
  • Moscow and Boston also drop out of the top 10: the former continues its decline and falls from 9th to 12th; Boston is the fourth greatest loser and even drops out of the top 20 (from 8th to 22nd).
  • Note that we do not find much of a move for Johannesburg despite being the city hosting the FIFA World Cup final in July. It is a modest 22nd in terms of change from June to July enabling the city to rise to 36th for Global Buzz in July (from 37 in June and 40th in May (before the tournament started)). Clearly this was a South African event rather than being identified with particular cities.


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