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Global Buzz - The GaWC Monthly Monitor

This is a new measure of the dynamics of contemporary cities devised by the GaWC research network.

It differs from our well-known city connectivity measures (“The World According to GaWC”) in two basic ways:

  1. it is a general measure based upon a variety of inter-city links – economic, political, social and cultural (city connectivity is a specific measure derived from advanced producer service firms)
  2. it is a short-term measurement – we will report it monthly (city connectivities have been reported at 4 yearly intervals)

Global buzz means the contemporary activities linking cities that have a global dimension. It is where the ‘global' is happening; where it is being made and reproduced. A high score for global buzz indicates that a city is at the centre of myriad global-scale activities. In contrast, a low score for global buzz suggests that a city is not currently experiencing large amounts of global-scale activity (at least relative to other cities in our study). We measure global buzz for 62 cities across the world and report changes every month.


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