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US Cities: Law Firm Office Geographies, 1998

J.V. Beaverstock, R.G. Smith and P.J. Taylor

These data are derived from the now defunct web site entitled ”Law Journal Extra” describing the top 250 law firms in the US. Here only the 100 law firms with foreign offices are included. These firms are found in just 20 US cities and their offices are distributed across 72 foreign cities. Some analyses of these data can be found in GaWC Research Bulletin 4.

Dataset 5.1: Numbers of lawyers in foreign offices of US law firms arranged by cities (Cities are ordered by number of firms with foreign offices).
Dataset 5.2: Inter city matrix of US cities and foreign cities: numbers of lawyers in foreign cities for law firms from US cities.

As per our data protocol, the following acknowledgement should accompany any public use of the data:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: These data were collected by J.V. Beaverstock, R.G. Smith and P.J. Taylor as part of an ESRC project (R000222050) and constitute Data Set 5 of the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network ( publication of inter-city data.