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London's Relations with Other Cities Using Producer Service Office Geographies

J.V. Beaverstock, R.G. Smith and P.J. Taylor

Dataset 4.1: Cities for which information has been collected
Dataset 4.2: Service firms in London for which we have global data
Dataset 4.3: Levels of measurement of information by firms
Dataset 4.4: Accountancy firms (5 of the big 6)
Dataset 4.5a: Advertising; interval data (frequencies)
Dataset 4.5b: Advertising; nominal data (presence/absence)
Dataset 4.6a: Banks with hqs in London; interval data
Dataset 4.6b: Foreign banks in London; interval data
Dataset 4.6c Foreign banks in London; ordinal data (ranking 1-3)
Dataset 4.6d Foreign banks in London; nominal data (presence/absence)
Dataset 4.7a Law; interval data
Dataset 4.7b Law; nominal data (presence/absence)

As per our data protocol, the following acknowledgement should accompany any public use of the data:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The data were collected by J.V. Beaverstock, R.G. Smith and P.J. Taylor as part of their ESRC project "The Geographical Scope of London as a World City" (R000222050). They constitute Data Set 4 of the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network ( publication of inter-city data.