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We aim to disseminate our research results to practitioners in their professional and trade journals. GaWC Practitioner Briefs are a record of our publications in such outlets.

OPEN INVITATION: Editors are invited to look at our Projects and Research Bulletins for ideas they may wish us to contribute to their journal.

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GaWC Practitioner Brief 6: 'Comment on Centre for Cities Report 'UK Cities in the Global Economy''
(M. Hoyler)
GaWC Practitioner Brief 5: 'The Rise of Frankfurt? A Comparison between London and Frankfurt'
(J.V. Beaverstock, M. Hoyler, K. Pain and P.J. Taylor)
GaWC Practitioner Brief 4: 'London in the World City Network'
(P.J. Taylor)
GaWC Practitioner Brief 3: 'Finanzplätze London und Frankfurt - Partner im Wettbewerb?'
(M. Hoyler)
GaWC Practitioner Brief 2: 'Firms Still Love Expats'
(J.V. Beaverstock)
GaWC Practitioner Brief 1: 'London 1 New York 0'
(M.A. Doel and P.J. Taylor)