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James Faulconbridge

GaWC Associate Director (Business and Professional Services)

After completing his PhD at Loughborough with Jon Beaverstock and Peter Taylor, James has gone on to engage in a range of GaWC relevant research. His work on the globalization from and to leading world cities of professional and business service firms has focussed on a range of sectors including advertising, architecture, law and executive search firms. This research has been funded by the ESRC, British Academy, and the Sloan Foundation. As part of this research James has studied extensively the way knowledge, learning and innovation occur in cities and, in particular, in the professional and business service firms present in cities. Finally, James has also worked with GaWC colleagues to develop analysis of the role of business travel in world city and professional business service networks, most recently as part of a European Research Council funded network exploring "The Future of Business Mobilities". All of James's research has involved comparative study of British, Asian, European, North American and Australasian cities.

James has used his work on cities and professional and business service firms as part of GaWC consultancy activities in Abu Dhabi, and as part of projects with the Future Foundation and Small World Consulting.

James Faulconbridge is Professor at Lancaster University Management School. He has published articles in several international refereed journals including Economic Geography, Environment and Planning A, the Journal of Economic Geography, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers and Urban Studies. James has also co-authored with other members of the GaWC team the book ‘The globalization of advertising' and co-edited the book ‘International business travel in the global economy'.