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SafetyNET: wireless sensor network for fire protection and emergency responses

The SafetyNET (Secure Adhoc Fire & Emergency NETwork) technology has been developed by researchers at Loughborough University’s Department of Computer Science and Business School, led by Professor Shuang-Hua Yang.

SafetyNET - the technology

The innovation of the SafetyNET system which makes it different from a conventional fire alarm system is the introduction of highly flexible wireless sensor network.

By integrating low cost and low power environment sensors, together with location tracking sensors coupled with battery enabled wireless transmission modules, a properly programmed wireless sensor network can easily be deployed at any required location inside a building, since the requirement for cable has been removed. The employment of advanced adhoc wireless communication protocol also produces effective coverage. If the main power supply has been cut off, as the result of an emergency, the wireless sensor network would be the only available system to monitor the internal building environment and the movement of incoming fire fighters.

All the information the network can gather could be made available to an information processing system working on the fire engines, which would then provide the outside on-site commander, who’s in charge of the entire fire rescue operation, with comprehensive and up-to-the-minute information.

The SafetyNET system also utilises wireless networks to combine and present other essential information to on-site commanders relating to facets which are not currently fully provided by similar cable systems, e.g. real-time dynamic on-site building environment information, life protection of fire fighters, decision making support.

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The £1.3 million SafetyNET project was funded by the DTI and industrial partners. www.FireSafetyNet.org.uk


Successful field trial at Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service

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