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Personalised Footwear: E2HS - From Elite to High Street

3D strain and deformation

Using an advanced 3D strain mapping system (GOM Aramis) Dan is able to characterise the dynamic strain and deformation of the foot during ground contact.

3D strain mapping

The video above shows high speed footage of ground impact from the medial side with 3D strain mapped over the footage clearly showing the distribution of surface strain on the foot.

displacement photos 3D deformation mapping

This video and the images show the 3D deformation of the foot during the same ground contact. By quantifying dynamic deformation Dan can not only make objective assessment of foot and footwear functionality, but can also use this data to improve footwear design.

Application of this type of technology is novel to the world of footwear biomechanics and researchers on the E2HS project are using these insights to develop personalised footwear that ultimately improves the performance of our elite GB athletes.


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