The 5th International Conference on Innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, AEC2008 was held on June 23-25 2008, in Antalya, Turkey. The event was jointly organized by Civil Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University and Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Engineering, Loughborough University.

List of Papers:

Introduction to an Increased Cost Adjustment (ICA) Formula by Ruben Ndihokubwayo and Theo Haupt

Optimization of Waste Management Plan for Waste Reduction on Construction Projects in Nigeria by Oladiran Olatunji Joseph

Applying Knowledge Management for the Selection of Construction Processes by Ximena ferrada and Alfredo Serpell

Understanding the Role of Collaborative Virtual Environments in Design Communication by Leman Figen Gul and Mary Lou Maher

A Proposed System Architecture for Context Identification Support on Construction Sites by Frank Boukamp and Esin Ergen

Cost Optimization of Composite Beams Using Genetic Algorithms by Ahmed Senouci and Nasser Al-Nuaimi

Digitial Technologies as Place Making Elements in Built Environment Design by Ning Gu, Mary Lou Maher, Leman Figen Gul and Anthony Willams

An Integrated Site Information Handling System by Alfredo Serpell, Daniel Marquez and Ximena Ferrada

Construction and Demolition Waste in the Gaza Strip by Adnan Enshassi and Ahmad Al-Riyati

Enhancing Innovation and Firm Performance: The Role of Climate for Innovation in Design Firms by Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, Rodney Stewart and Sherif Mohamed

Innovative Safety Management Training Through E-Learning by Emrah Acar, John Wall, Frank McNamee, Charalambos Vrasidas, David Madden, Alan Hurst, Lucile Chanquoy, Thierry Baccino, Myria Koushiappi, Ann Jordan and Ela Oney-Yazici

Barriers to the Adoption of Innovative Construction Products - A Pedagogically Driven Initial Review by Roy Morledge, Alan R Crisp and James Dale

An Innovative Decision Support Tool for Cost and Schedule Control in Capital Projects by Mehmet Emre Bayraktar, Makarand Hastak, Sanjiv Gokhale and Sami Umut Artuk

Novel Concepts for the Design of High Performance Schools by Gulsu Ukukavak Harputlugil, Timucin Harputlugil and Pieter de Wilde

Exploring Design Support Possibilities of Building Performance Simulation Tools in Building Design Process by Gulsu Ukukavak Harputlugil and Merve Bedir

Integrating Engineering Knowledge and Linguistic Exploration in the Digital Design of Reconfigurable Structures for Passive Solar Architecture by Michela Turrin, Sevil Sariyildiz and Rudi Stouff

International Collaborative Construction Management Course: A Teaching Case Study by Lucio Soibelman, Burcu Akinci, Gulbin Ozcan, Irem Dikmen and M Talat Birgonul

Performance Characteristics of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) by Abdy Kermani and Robert Hairstans

Conceptual Model for Failure Costs Management in Construction by Jimmy E Avendano Castillo, Saad H Al-jibouri and Johannes I M Halman

Using Cognitive Maps to Explore the Impact of International Contracting Experience on Competitiveness by Irem Dikmen, M Talat Birgonul Ozohon

Influence of Upmarket Satellite Estates on Construction Waste: A Case Study of Phakalane, Gaborone by Babulayi B Wilson and Min An

Factors Impacting on E-Commerce Adoption in Small-Medium Sized Construction Plant Hire Firms by Sombo Zulu

Utilizing Advanced Storage Technologies for Providing Local Information to Rescue Teams Following an Earthquake by Esin Ergen and Senem Seyis

Construction Cost Variability: Does it Really Matter? by Ruben Ndihokubwayo and Theo Haupt

Innovative 4D Management of Construction Projects by David Arditi

Strategy Forumulation Capabilities of Construction Professionals by Sameedha Mahadkar and Francis T Edum-Fotwe

Optimal Design of Water Tower Systems in Developing Economy Using Graphical Method by Buliaminu Kareem

System Dynamics Modelling of Construction Safety Culture by Thanwadee Chinda and Sherif Mohamed

Modelling Bid Price for Concession Schemes Under Uncertainty: An Optimization Appproach by Md Mainul Islam and Sherif Mohamed

Influence of Upmarket Satellite Estates on Construction Waste: A Case Study of Phakalane, Gaborone by Babulayi B Wilson and Min An

Innovative Approaches to Building Design and Construction in the AEC Industry by F Hilal Halicioglu

An Overview and An Assessment of Construction Data Sources in Terms of Storing Contextual Data by Semiha Kiziltas and Burcu Akinci

Towards a Formal Approach for Updating Building Information Models by Asli Akcamete, Burcu Akinci and James H Garrett, Jnr

Is There a Need to Re-evaluate the Client's Approach Towards Risk in Construction Projects? by Ahmed Arabiat, Francis Edum-Fotwe and Ron McCaffer

Sustainable Education in a Six-Star Green Building: The Case of Bond University, Queensland, Australia by George Earl and Jim Smith

A Digital Peformance Assessment Tool for the Dutch Government Building Agency by Ipek Gursel, Rudi Stouffs, Sevil Sariyildiz and Rene Leeuw

Morphogenomic Architecture by Nimish Biloria and Hans Hubers

The Scalability and Flexibility of Qualitative Archi Bond Graphs for Building Simulations by Jerry Jen-Huang Tsai and John S Gero

The Role of Leadership for the Successful Deployment of Knowledge Management Initatives in the UK Construction Industry by Subashini Suresh

An Index Method for Measurement of Knowledge Awareness of Construction Industry Outputs: Gender Perceptions by Nicholas Chileshe and Theo Haupt

An Analysis of Drivers and Barriers of Construction Innovation by Tolga Ilter, Attila Dikbas and Deniz Ilter

Using the Balanced Scorecard to Measure Safety Performance on Construction Projects by Mohammed Dulaimi and Chin Kar Yin Karen

Multi-Objective Optimization in the Construction Industry by Sevil Sariyildiz, Michael S Bittermann and Ozer Ciftcioglu

Building Design Innovation Based on Sunlight and Health Considerations by Mohamed Boubekri

A Review of Knowledge Management in Collaborative Design: The Necessity of Project Knowledge Itegration in Large Scale Building Projects by Esra Bektas, John L Heintz and J F W (Hans) Wamelink

Knowledge Management in US Construction Industry: Current Status and Future Directions by Rizwan U Farooqui, Syed M Ahmed and Muhammad Saqib

An Integrated Approach to Innovation on Fast Track Construction Projects - A Case Study in the UAE by Rizwan U Farooqui, Syed M Ahmed, Farrukh Arif and Vitor A C Santos

A Proposed For the Structure of Production Drawings of Design/Build Construction Projects in Computer Environment by Ali Murat Tanyer and Nazli Naz Cal

Vision 2020 - A Whole Life-Cycle Information Management System for Built Environments by M Koray Pekericli, Roger Flanagan, Carol Jewell and Weisheng Lu

A Building Construction Information Model for Managing Projects Virtually by Can Ersen Firat, Juhani Kiiras and Pekka Huovinen

An Investigation into the Impact of 4D Modelling on Construction Project Planning by Abdullahi Sheriff, Dino Bouchlaghem and S G Yeomans

Conceptualising A Virtual Built Health Environment by Emeka E Osaji, Andrew F D Price and Peter Demian

Investigating the Requirements for Continuous Improvement in the Local Improvement Finacne Trust (LIFT) Initative for UK Healthcare Facilities by Ahmed D Ibrahim, Andrew D F Price and Andrew R J DAinty

Experimental Method Research for the Stones Used in Ottoman Architecture by Sibel Onat Hattap

Exploring the Use of ICT to Capture Client Requirements in Construction Briefing by Jacky K H Chung, Mohan M Kumaraswamy and Ekambaram Palaneeswaren

A Study of the Sustainability of Data Available for Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Analysis in the Construction and Property Industries by Assem Al-Hajj and Lei Hung Chong

Innovation Management on Project Alliances: A Case Study by Steve Rowlinson and Brenda Yip

Innovation and its Diffusion in Construction Project Teams: The Role of Relationship Management by Brenda Yip and Steve Rowlinson

Innovative Group Decision Support Using Analytic Network Process for the Sustainable Built Environment by Zhen Chen, Jacky K H Chung and Heng Li

Targeting Truly Integrated 'Value Networks' for PPPS by Mohan Kumaraswamy, Gangadhar Mahesh, Aaron Anvuur and Jacky Chung

Investigating the Salient Factors within the Freehold Real Estate Market in Dubai by Mohamed Salama, Seyed Moineddin Ahmadi and William Keogh

Abnormally Low Tenders in Turkish Construction Industry by Murat Gunduz and Volkan Karacan

Potential Lean Six Sigma Implementation Level in Construction Companies: A Case Study by Fatma Zehra Boz and Yasemin Nielsen

ICE: A Prototype System for Implementing Collaboration Environments in Construction by Bilge Erdogan, Chimay J Anumba, Dino Bouchlaghem, Yasemin Nielsen




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