Student Profile

Elisabetta Prina

Recreating the 3D tissue architectures using additive 3D bio printing.

PhD Supervisor(s): Felicity Rose; Jing Yang; Kevin Shakesheff; Ricky Wildman.


PhD Summary

The majority of tissues within the body are organised within three dimensions. This 3D architecture is essential for providing the physical environment required for tissue function. In addition, chemical cues, both within the embryo and in adult tissues, are precisely controlled within gradients with temporal-spatial release tightly regulating cell fate and tissue formation/function.

Current research within the Tissue Engineering Group at Nottingham includes the building of 3D architectures, with particular interest in building stem cell niches in vitro, using additive manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing. Using the FAB@home bioplotter developed at Cornell University, we have begun to explore this method to print cells and growth factors in patterns but recognise that accuracy is limited with this system.

This project will explore the use of 3D bioprinting using a 3D bioprinter and ink-jet printing technology based within the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Additive Manufacturing that would provide the ability to deposit cells and growth-factor loaded microparticles within a gel matrix to build these 3D tissue structures with improved scalability and enhanced resolution.

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