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Professor Wen-Feng Lin

Director of Research for the Department of Chemical Engineering

Areas of expertise

Expertise: Electrochemistry; electrochemical engineering; electro-catalysis; electro-synthesis; surface and interface; energy materials; advanced oxidation processes and technologies; electrochemical and photo-electrochemical in-situ FTIR spectroscopy; fuel cells; batteries; hydrogen production; water splitting for hydrogen and ozone production; water and waste treatments; and life cycle analysis.


Professor Lin is an expert in electrochemical clean energy conversion and storage, ranging from fundamental electrocatalysis and nanomaterials studies at atomic and molecular levels, to applied technology development, devices and system engineering, and life cycle assessment. 
His research in fuel cells and electrochemical ozone production has resulted in several patents and contributed to two spinouts.

Interview booking

Please call the press office on 01509 223491 to arrange an interview with Professor Wen-Feng Lin. Bookings can also be made online at

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