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Professor Bala Vaidhyanathan

Professor of Advanced Materials and Processing and Associate Dean for Enterprise, School of AACME

Areas of expertise

Expertise: Functional Ceramics; nanocrystalline materials; microwave processing; microwave-materials interactions; flash sintering; microwave cold sintering; glasses; functional coatings; SOFCs; materials for batteries and hydrogen generation; ceramics for bio-medical applications; additive manufacturing of ceramics; powder synthesis and Sol-Gel; and smart materials for sensing, security and sports


Vaidhyanthan’s research vision is to create the necessary scientific understanding and provide innovative, interdisciplinary engineering solutions.
He uses better, simpler and environmentally friendlier manufacturing routes for (improved or new) advanced materials and devices with special emphasis on functional and nanostructured ceramics.
With the above vision, Vaidhyanthan has led the development of energy efficient microwave, hybrid and flash methods for the processing of advanced functional materials over the years and his team is currently regarded as one of the world leaders’ in the utilization of these techniques.

Interview booking

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