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Dr Simon Hogg

Senior Lecturer in Materials

Areas of expertise

Expertise: Ultra high strength nano-quasicrystalline and nano-fibril alloys and composites; processing and characterisation of Al-Fe-Cr-Ti-(Nb) alloys and FCC-BCC metal-metal fibril composites produced using non-equilibrium processing; large central synchrotron and neutron facilities applied to metallurgical problems; x-ray synchrotron (diffraction and spectroscopy); neutron based techniques; and bulk microstructure and local chemical structure in novel alloys.


Hogg's focus is the use of advanced processing and characterisation to understand microstructural development and properties in complex, novel alloys. 

Interview booking

Please call the press office on 01509 223491 to arrange an interview with Dr Simon Hogg. Bookings can also be made online at

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