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Dr Marijana Dragosavac

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Areas of expertise

Expertise: Advanced particulate manufacturing


Dragosavac's research expertise lies in the broad field of advanced particulate manufacturing, with a focus on manufacturing particulate material using the dispersion route in which dispersed liquid drops are polymerised as a way of tailoring the properties of the resulting material using novel operating techniques.

She has established a national and increasingly an international reputation specifically in:

  • Application of a new type of microfiltration membrane and new techniques for generating the shear on the membrane surface providing the possibility to generate larger droplets without risk of droplet breakage.
  • Understanding at a fundamental level the factors that control particle size made using such techniques.
  • Continuous droplet production and, therefore, continuous particle production using a novel membrane emulsification system. This type of system is an ideal starting-point for continuous particle production and it may be adapted to many different types of particles.
  • Control of internal structure and encapsulation of shear and temperature sensitive compounds.

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