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Dr Eugenie Hunsicker

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Director for Equality and Diversity in the School of Science

Areas of expertise

Expertise: Statistics, metabolomics, imaging science, high dimensional (“wide”) data, equality, diversity and inclusivity in STEMM, unconscious bias, equality monitoring


Eugenie is an expert in statistics. Her research focuses on situations where data is very high dimensional, but the number of cases in a dataset is relatively small.  This is very common in settings such as materials science and metabolomics, where a single case or sample can be costly to study.  In these settings, popular methods of machine learning often do not perform well, and care is needed to create models that incorporate expert knowledge from the application.

Eugenie is also very active nationally in equality, diversity and inclusivity in STEMM, and has received awards for her work in this area.  She is able to talk about issues around diversity in STEMM subjects, as well as about the evidence base both for barriers to EDI and for effectiveness of various initiatives to improve STEMM diversity, both in the UK and globally.

Interview booking

Please call the press office on 01509 223491 to arrange an interview with Dr Eugenie Hunsicker. Bookings can also be made online at

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