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Alumni advice for Class of 2016

  • Maintain a restless intellectual curiosity

    — Lord Seb Coe

  • Be unshakably sunny, bold and optimistic - challenge the orthodoxes of the day

    — Lord Seb Coe

  • Find your passion and get behind it. You will be much more successful in your life

    — Senthilraja

  • I got my first consultancy job because I studied at Loughborough, go get them

    — Kent Virdee

  • Take your holiday and cherish your weekends.. almost everything can wait until Monday and you cannot be tired AND excellent

    — Andy Stephens

  • Sometimes you'll only focus on the things you're missing or the things that still need to be done. So forget about it and think about the things you've done so far.

    — Camilo Munoz-Trochez

  • Loughborough is a top Uni and has a strong reputation with potential employers so do not be afraid to 'go for it'

    — ​Barry Kelley

  • Combine what you're good at with what you love and what you get paid for. Follow your passion!

    — Julie Hutchinson

  • Anything can be achieved with dedication and passion, you have a degree from a world class go and use it!

    — Michael Metson

  • Always be the first to volunteer, take every opportunity that comes your way (and chase those that don't), grow your network of contacts every day and most importantly... enjoy life!

    — Mike Green

  • Don't be afraid to change direction if it feels right...

    — Persephone Thompson

  • Be brave. Don't feel afraid to take risks. Be true to what is important to you. Respect yourself and others. Enjoy life!

    — Somina Perdita