School of Social Sciences and Humanities

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities is home to a large academic community of students, scholars and professional services staff.

The School is organised around five subject areas: Communication and Media; Geography and Environment; Politics and International Studies (including History); Social and Policy Studies; and Humanities (including English and Art History and Visual Culture).

We are looking for candidates at Lecturer level to join the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, particularly in the following area:


The subject is broadly based: in human geography, some of the key themes include migration, cities, education, and geographies of children, youth and families. In physical geography, research covers a wide range of cutting-edge topics including hydrological and ecosystem science, polar and alpine research, and the relationship between climate, water and energy.

We would especially welcome interest in the climate-energy-development nexus, which might bridge physical and human geography through wider considerations of sustainability and resilience.

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About the School

In addition to strong subject affiliations and interests, we address questions at the interface of society, culture and environment from local to global scales. In both our teaching and our research, we work within and across subject and disciplinary groupings. From strong disciplinary foundations, we seek to develop inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives, so as to shape questions and solutions which are relevant to communities, stakeholders, policymakers and academics alike.

Key aspects of the School at a glance may be found here.

Recent appointments

photo of professor andrew chadwick

Andrew Chadwick

Professor of Political Communication

Caroline Kennedy-Pipe

Head of Politics and International Studies

photo of professor hilary robinson

Hilary Robinson

Professor of Feminism, Art and Theory