Loughborough University London

Loughborough University London was founded on Loughborough's award-winning reputation for research dynamism and creativity, as well as its enterprising outlook and unrivalled opportunities for students and alumni.

Based on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Loughborough University London is part of the Here East development, an innovation quarter for East London and the training ground for entrepreneurial talent. Building on the creative heritage of the areas of London that surround the Park, Loughborough University London is part of a thriving, lively, collaborative community, and a magnet for bold, enterprising people and organisations.

Our vision for Loughborough University London has been shaped and informed by the University’s existing commercial partners and collaborators, which include several of the world’s most iconic brands. Students learn from influential thought leaders, pioneering researchers and creative innovators and are engaged with the very latest developments from within their sector.

Collaborations with leading public and private sector companies and organisations mean our programmes are led by real-world issues and genuine industry challenges. 

We run regular keynote speaker programmes and seminars and welcome lecturers from some of the world’s most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs, and public and voluntary sector organisations. All have recognised the need to invest in the pipeline of future talent so that they can continue to recruit people with the skills, drive and creativity to compete and thrive in a globally competitive environment.

Professor, Reader, Senior Lecturer and Lecturers

We are looking for candidates at Professor, Reader, Senior Lecture and Lecturer level to join Loughborough University London. We particularly welcome applications in the following Institutes:

Institute for Design Innovation

The Institute for Design Innovation combines creative collaboration and co-creation to discover, define, develop and deliver value for users, organisations, ecosystems and society.

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Institute for Digital Technologies

 The Institute for Digital Technologies aims to address major technological challenges, with a focus on Big Data, Interactive and Creative Media, Communication Technologies, Cyber Security, Smart and Autonomous Systems.

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Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance

There has never been a greater need for a new understanding of how the international arena works. The Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance offers unrivalled insight into key challenges and opportunities that arise as old paradigms and models of global order continue to expose their limitations.

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Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is committed to delivering challenging, career-enhancing programmes that look to deliver real value to individuals and organisations across the globe. The Institute combines expert teaching and research support alongside an exciting series of master classes and public lectures from international business leaders across the world.

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Institute for International Management

The Institute for International Management aims to become the leading centre for training and research into the successful management of international organisations across different national contexts. The Institute is actively engaged in international research projects concerning the globalization of economic activity and the implications for patterns of work and governance. It will develop expertise in a range of emerging market economies over the next few years.

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Institute for Media and Creative Industries

 This Institute is dedicated to the media and creative industries; music, the press, radio, film, television, electronic games, literature, museums, drama, dance, art, tourism, journalism, and the internet. We work with the arts, the social sciences, and the humanities as equal intellectual lodestones.

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Institute for Sport Business

Loughborough University has made an outstanding contribution to the world of sport for over sixty years. The university combines exceptional athletes, unrivalled facilities and top coaching with research expertise and active partnerships with major sports leaders and organisations

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