Design School

Loughborough Design School is an internationally renowned school, proud to be nurturing the next generation of designers and ergonomists in developing truly life-changing products and services of the future

The School is based within a £21million purpose-built building and home to over 100 academic, operational and technical staff as well as 100 research students.

The School is ranked as 2nd in the UK for Art and Design (Guardian University Guide 2018) alongside being 1st for producing the most employable design graduates.

We are also currently ranked as 4th in the UK for the overall quality of our research with 93% of our research impact being classed internationally excellent.

Annually we attract over £4 million in funding from external investors and businesses. This funding helps us undertake a number of research projects which aim to have a real impact on the world around us.

Senior Lecturer and Lecturers

We are looking for candidates at Senior Lecture and Lecturer level to join the Loughborough Design School. We particularly welcome applications in the following areas:

Design for Sustainability

We only have one planet to live on and need to use scarce resources responsibly. It involves a lot of knowledge to develop products and services that contribute in a sustainable way to all living creatures on earth. Often new knowledge needs to be generated about materials, energy and the behaviours of people so that designers can incorporate these new insights. Instead of just dealing with the symptoms (cleaning up the plastic soup in the oceans), we need to start at the source of the problems.

User Experience Design

Designers aim to trigger emotional responses through their designs. Emotions, for instance, can be: 'surprise' or 'self-confidence'. User experience designers are able to define and protype such feelings and emotions. They can also evaluate the experiences that people obtain from using existing or new products, services and systems.

Business, Entrepreneurship and Design

Often designers come up with ideas that have real business potential, but they do not know how to set up the supporting business structures. This is about pitching ideas to get funding, about organising the delivery of the ideas and involves growing and developing a legal and protected business entity.

Design for Commercialisation

Designers often have a user focus, but they may not always think of the best ways to help businesses flourish.  Sometimes small changes to products and services have a big impact in the marketplace. Designers can benefit from being sensitised and informed about the ways they can have more business impact.

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