School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

The School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering's vision is to be the world’s leading integrated centre for built environment research and education, focusing on the entire lifecycle of both buildings and infrastructure through our research, teaching and enterprise activities.

A key part of our ethos is our extensive links with industry, with many of our students being sponsored by major construction organisations. Our research is sponsored and applied by the many organisations in the civil engineering, construction and transport sectors.

We are committed to excellence and provide an environment where our academics and postgraduate researchers can excel, develop knowledge and understanding to build the societies of the future.

We are a world-leading centre for transdisciplinary research in civil infrastructure engineering, transport and water and waste management and an internationally recognised centre of excellence in building energy demand. Many of our research outputs are created for, and in partnership with, industrial collaborators to ensure demonstrable impacts on policy and practice worldwide.

Our strong links with industry help drive innovation and productivity throughout the civil engineering and built environment sectors. We currently have over £16m of live research projects, and around £1m of consultancy contracts and have the expertise and the experience to work with industry reliably and successfully.

The School was ranked 1st in the UK for Building in the 2018 Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide; we send 15% more students on engineering placements than any other UK university and have excellent graduate employment prospects.

As part of our continual investment in new staff and facilities we are building a new research group in digital design, construction and operation of the built environment that will complement our existing research strengths and expertise and support the digital transformation of the construction industry.

Professor, Reader, Senior Lecturer and Lecturers

We are looking for candidates at Professor, Reader, Senior Lecturer and Lecturer level to join the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering.

We particularly welcome applications in the following areas:

Digital Architecture

Applicants should have research experience relating to novel applications in digital software and design tools to represent and communicate design and building ideas/information.  Relevant skills could include computational and parametric design/modelling; programming; BIM; VR and AR; and Mixed Reality Design Platform development.

Digital Architectural Engineering

With the capability to contribute to research, teaching and development of structural and environmental parametric design, candidates should have a design-led knowledge and/or expertise of evolutionary software development, implementation and improvements related to the use of these technologies. Relevant capabilities might include the transfer of traditional and analogue methods to the digitally-enabled predictive design of structures and internal controlled environments.

Digital Fabrication in Construction

The applicant will contribute to our world-leading research in innovative manufacturing and support the development of new areas on industrial fabrication, robot-based applications (extrusion/tooling), construction (UAVs) and maintenance and total life cycle analysis (including embodied energy). Relevant skills might include linking digital models to robotic construction (programming), novel fabrication methods/kit (nozzle kit, knitting) and application of UAVs for mapping, construction and performance monitoring

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Candidates should have relevant technical skills in authoring and managing content under one of more commercial BIM platforms, Common Data Environments and integration with other software tools (such as planning, costing, construction simulation etc.) Experience in software development to customise such platforms is desirable, as is an awareness of current standards and protocols for managing digital content.  Knowledge and / or expertise of developing BIM for infrastructure would be advantageous, as would expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Advanced measurement and sensors, robotics and Blockchain in construction contracts.

Big data and advanced analytics

Candidates should be able to contribute to the research and development of data treatment and analytics to evaluate the state of, make decisions about, and define actions to be taken in relation to the built environment. The candidate should have knowledge of areas such as: sources of secondary data, data curation, empirical modelling, data mining, cloud computing, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning. Application areas of interest include: embedded sensors for construction, energy and occupant sensing; early detection of threats such as ground instability, vehicle conflicts, dangerous climatic conditions; automation and process optimisation in construction; user-responsive management of cities and civil infrastructure operation.

Commercial data analysis

Candidates should be able to contribute to the research and development of data management and analysis techniques capable of interrogating large corporate datasets to inform real-time commercial decision making.  The candidate could have knowledge in data analytics, corporate information systems, data science, artificial intelligence, statistical simulation modelling, information theory, and the building information lifecycle. Potential applications include performance forecasting and risk modelling, optimisation and simulation modelling, bidding and pricing strategy development, claim compilation, and post-contract cost control.

Artificial and Embedded Intelligence

Applicants should have research experience relating to novel applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in design, construction and operation of buildings and / or infrastructure including smart technologies for monitoring, automation and control, wireless sensor networks and integration of data with BIM. This also includes research and novel applications in responsive and smart environments, which can better inform building performance and occupant satisfaction/well-being. Expertise and / or knowledge of embedded intelligence in buildings and infrastructure such as smart materials and envelopes, self-diagnostics and repair and retrofitting for added intelligence would be advantageous.

Digital Urbanism

Applicants should have experience in novel applications in data-driven urban applications to enable real-time urban planning and policy making.  Skills could include: Big Data, artificial intelligence, urban design, and digital mapping applied at an urban scale.

Intelligent Transport

Applications are invited from individuals with a strong intelligent transport background with the ability to deliver high quality teaching and research which addresses future transport challenges: i.e. intelligent transport systems and services, which can learn, adapt, take decisions and act autonomously. We particularly encourage applicants with experience relating to novel applications of artificial intelligence, statistical modelling, simulation, sensor fusion, and big data analytics in different transport modes: aviation, road, rail and maritime.

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