A message to international applicants from the Director of the International Office
12th May 2020

Dear international applicants

Thank you for your interest in Loughborough and congratulations to all who have received an offer of study at our University.  My colleagues and I are doing all we can to ensure our current international students are supported, healthy and safe during the current time.  We are also introducing positive changes which will help you, our new cohort of students, who wish to enrol in the next academic year at Loughborough.

In this most challenging of years, you require reassurance, support and answers to your questions about coming to study at Loughborough University next academic year.  We now provide a comprehensive offer to our international applicants which will bring reassurance and flexibility to the Loughborough admissions process.  We believe we are offering the broadest set of options, without compromising academic quality, of any highly-ranked university in the UK:  

1. Online English language test

In the absence of in-country language testing centres, we accept online English language tests Duolingo, TOEFL iBT home edition and LanguageCert

2. Free Loughborough University English language tests

Free Loughborough University English language tests are available to Loughborough applicants from early June.
Contact International-office@lboro.ac.uk for further information

3. Online pre-sessional English language programmes

Online pre-sessional English language programmes are beginning June and July 2020

4. Flexible start dates for Masters* academic entry in September 2020 and January 2021 (Loughborough and London campuses):

Flexible start dates for Masters* academic entry in September 2020 and January 2021 (Loughborough and London campuses) are available:

-       September 2020 start date (all academic programmes)
-       September 2020: online moving to face-to-face
-       January 2021: start date for an extensive range Masters programmes

* unfortunately, we are unable to offer a January start date for our undergraduate students at the current time; Bachelors programmes are expected to begin in September 2020, as normal.

5. Clear planning for student safety, health and academic rigour in 2020-2021

Since lockdown began in the UK, several hundred students have been unable to move out of their Loughborough University campus accommodation.  Approximately 50% are international students. Loughborough continues to provide accommodation, cleaning services and prepared meals for our students.
Next academic year, we will continue to support our students in every possible way.  We will of course comply with social distancing requirements, ensure hand wash stations and hand gel dispensers are available across our campuses, and intensify our cleaning regimes.  We continue to invest heavily in the services available for the health and wellbeing of our students and staff.

We are here to help

Loughborough University is famous for its academic quality and the outstanding support we offer our student community. We are proud to welcome so many students from around the world with all the positive impacts you make to university life and academia.  I guarantee that my colleagues and I will do all we can to support your access to Loughborough University and to ensure that, after your arrival, you receive the highest quality education, experience and future employment opportunities.

Do stay safe, healthy and positive - with very best wishes

Charlie Carter
Director, International Office

Charlie Carter - colour

Charlie Carter

International Office