Arrival information for international master's students with a January 2021 programme start date

Programme start dates

Loughborough University is offering a January 2021 start date for a number of master's programmes in Loughborough and in London.

The formal start dates for all programmes with a January intake is outlined on the individual offer emails and are listed below.  It is important to note that all programmes have the option of online (and / or in-person) tuition from the January start date BUT all students are expected to be available for in-person, on-campus teaching from 8th February 2021

Note: MBA students are expected to be available for in-person, on-campus teaching from Thursday 28th January 2021.

Loughborough programmes with a January 2021 start

Programme Start date
Advanced Chemical Engineering 11 January 2021
Advanced Chemical Engineering with Information Technology & Management 11 January 2021
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering & Management (part-time only) 8 February 2021
Advanced Materials Science & Engineering 11 January 2021
Automotive Engineering 11 January 2021
Digital Media & Society 11 January 2021
Engineering Design (part-time only) 8 February 2021
Environmental Monitoring, Research & Management 11 January 2021
Global Media & Cultural Industries 11 January 2021
Information Management and Business Technology 18 January 2021
International Business 11 January 2021
International Financial & Political Relations 11 January 2021
Management 11 January 2021
Marketing 11 January 2021
MBA 28 January 2021
MBA with Internship 28 January 2021
Mechanical Engineering (part-time only) 8 February 2021
Media & Cultural Analysis 11 January 2021
Renewable Energy Systems Technology (distance learning) 8 February 2021
Social Media & Political Communication 11 January 2021
Strategic Communication 11 January 2021
Systems Engineering (degree apprenticeship route) 8 February 2021
Systems Engineering (part-time) 8 February 2021
Telecommunications Engineering 18 January 2021

London programmes with a January 2021 start

Programme Start date
Design Innovation 18 January 2021
Digital Finance 18 January 2021
Digital Marketing 18 January 2021
Diplomacy & International Governance 18 January 2021
Diplomacy, Business & Trade 18 January 2021
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 18 January 2021
Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation 18 January 2021
Global Communication & Development 18 January 2021
Global Media & Cultural Industries 18 January 2021
International Management 18 January 2021
Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations 18 January 2021
Media & Creative Industries 18 January 2021
Security, Peace-building & Diplomacy 18 January 2021
Sport Marketing 18 January 2021

Self-isolating students arrival date

All students are expected to be available for on-campus teaching by 8th February 2021.  Therefore, 25th January 2021 is the latest date by which students who must self-isolate may arrive in the UK.

CAS deposit

International students who need a Student Visa and have not already paid a deposit, must do so by 23 November in order to be issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).  More information may be found here.

Free coach pick up service for Loughborough campus-based students

Loughborough campus-based international students: a free coach pick up service is available to provide transport from Terminal 2, London Heathrow Airport, to the Loughborough campus for new international students joining the University in January.  Full booking details may be found here

Accommodation application process

Our Student Accommodation Service will support you in applying for accommodation at both our Loughborough and London campuses.