International applicants

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Interest in British Higher Education has been steadily growing in these countries in recent years, and we expect that interest to continue to increase in the coming years.

There are currently 75 students from Gulf countries studying at Loughborough – roughly one third at undergraduate level and the remainder at postgraduate level. The majority are studying Science or Engineering, with a small but growing number studying in Computer Science, Business and Economics and School of the Arts. 

Being a highly ranked university, Loughborough University is approved by ministerial sponsorship bodies across the Middle East, and many of our students are sponsored.

Loughborough University is also well set out to cater for Muslim students. As well as dedicated prayer spaces on campus, Loughborough town centre is home to the Loughborough Mosque and Islamic Cultural Association centre. There are Halal food provisions across the campus and town, including a choice of restaurants and grocery stores. The Loughborough Students Union Islamic Society also provides an environment for Muslim students which fosters a sense of community and belonging, including offering pastoral support, weekly discussion circles, and festival celebrations.

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In addition to the Islamic society, we have over 100 clubs and societies for you to join in your spare time. This ranges from cultural/faith societies to sports and extra curricular activities.  

Kylie Skinner, the International Officer for the Middle East usually visits at least twice a year. To find the next event please visit the page below.