Research leadership

For developing a high performing research environment and culture.

Winner: Camilla Gilmore

Professor Camilla Gilmore for this award for her work leading up to her successful leadership of the bid for the ESRC ‘Centre for Early Mathematics Learning’ Research Centre, launched in June this year.

Camilla has worked for several years with other colleagues in the department, the wider University, and externally, to develop a strong, cohesive, research culture with a clear vision to push research and impact forwards.

In working on the research centre bid, she brought together a huge team of co-investigators, external experts, and other stakeholders, to build a project that is likely to have a significant impact and legacy.


Kathryn Burchell

Kathryn is the Head of Partnership Development, but in actual fact she has provided superb leadership to the whole Research and Enterprise Office on so many more things than just Partnership. Whether it was COVID-19, or colleagues being ill, or vacant posts, Kathryn has been there to provide leadership on whatever was required. Her positive outlook and her energy has spurred on many others. Without her overarching leadership, research at Loughborough would not be what it is.

REF Team

Professor Stokoe, Unit Leads and Support Services Working Group The University’s results from REF2021 may be the most significant single achievement from recent times in terms of the realisation of our new strategic ambitions. These excellent results were the consequence of an immense effort from so many people at Loughborough.