Innovation in education

For significant innovation in education provision.

Winners: Christopher Kay and Jenny Ardley

Dr Christopher Kay and Jenny Ardley are nominated in recognition of their truly innovative teaching practice in the design and development of the multi award winning final year criminology module Rehabilitation and Recovery.

The module was created with employability and graduate outcomes in mind. Students from the module reported that their experience on the module has directly impacted their employability in the field of criminal justice.

Christopher Kay and Jenny Ardley receiving their award from Professor Rachel Thomson and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nick Jennings
Christopher Kay and Jenny Ardley


Christof Leicht

In the last few years Christof has developed an excel based macro (INDAF) which enables staff to give detailed feedback to students on their examination performance.

This is a huge step forward as feedback is the area in the NSS where we struggle historically. Students previously received no feedback on exams; now they are able to get a breakdown of their marks across sections in an exam. This has clear impacts for student benefit. This tool has now been used for two years in SSEHS across all disciplines. The positive impact has been mentioned in SSLC meetings.

Chris Wilson

Aside from being an active researcher, Chris has had an outstanding year in education. He has been recognised at the school level with the SBE Dean’s Award for Teacher of the Year 2022, at the student level with the SBE Student Council Prize for Inspiring Teaching Delivery Award 2022, and at the external level with his provision of an invited training session for an economic consultancy, Economic Insight, in London, May 2022.

Chris’s teaching innovations around enhancing student experience have contributed strongly to these achievements – each demonstrate commitment to the University Strategy, especially Togetherness, Responsibility, Collaboration, Partnerships, and Creativity.

Matthew Biddulph

Matthew has been nominated for the outstanding work, contribution, and attitude to advancing teaching areas. He has designed and constructed new teaching equipment for use in the power electronics laboratories.

Matthew saved the school and University thousands of pounds in setting up the new teaching rigs. He ensured that the new equipment can be used in a safe manner and that safety protocols are met. His attention to detail and hard work is outstanding.