Self-isolation - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions relating to self-isolation. These FAQs will be updated regularly, so check back for the most recent updates.

How will I know if I need to self-isolate?

You may be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service to advise you to self-isolate. Please follow NHS guidance on self-isolating.

If you live in a hall, you may be advised by your Warden Team that you need to self-isolate.

Who do I tell that I’m self-isolating?

You should notify your School that you are self-isolating by completing this form online. You should also notify your Hall Warden directly if you are on-campus.

Symptoms and testing

I have symptoms, where can I get a test?

If you have symptoms please contact us via Connect and Protect and we will advise you on the testing options available to you.

I don’t have any symptoms of Covid but I think I may have been in close contact with someone who is self-isolating. Should I get a test?

If you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you must notify Connect and Protect and follow the process given to them by Connect and Protect staff. 

If you are fully vaccinated you will need to take lateral flow tests every day for 7 days. If one of your tests shows a positive result, you will need to take a confirmatory PCR test.

If you are not fully vaccinated you will need to self isolate for 10 days.  If you become symptomatic in that period then you will need to take a PCR test.

What happens if I start to develop Covid symptoms while I’m isolating?

You should book a PCR test through Connect and Protect.

Can I get a tracking number from my on-campus test?

As these are private tests, we do not have numbers that can be used to track in the NHS app.

How do I register an NHS testing kit?

Visit, and click the ‘Start now’ located at the bottom of the page.

On the next page, select Yes for the question ‘Do you know how you will return your test kit? And then ‘Continue’.

When asked ‘What is your order ID?’, please click on the link located at the bottom of the page, ‘Register your kit in a different way.

A new webpage will open to register a coronavirus test. Click ‘Start now’ and select ‘At home’ when it asks you where you are taking the test.

Click ‘Continue’, and on the next page follow the instructions to enter your personal barcode from the test kit you have been provided with and follow any further information on the webpage.

I have received my test results, who do I need to tell?

Please email with you name, student number, hall of residence information and when you received your test results.

Interaction with others

How should I interact with my housemates while we’re all isolating?

There is Government guidance available online but in general terms you should avoid close contact with your housemates. This means keeping social distance where you can and avoiding, if possible, the use of shared facilities at the same time. You might want to consider creating a shared rota to make this easier.

What's the definition of a 'close contact'?

Details are available on the Government website.

My household is self-isolating, can we socialise with other self-isolating households?

No, you must stay within your own household. In general terms you should avoid close contact with your housemates.

This means keeping social distance where you can and avoiding, if possible, the use of shared facilities at the same time. You might want to consider creating a shared rota to make this easier.

Isolation periods

What are the rules on self-isolation?

If a member of your household is symptomatic or has tested positive for Covid, you should follow this guidance on the Government website.

If you are a close contact of someone who is symptomatic or has tested positive for Covid, you should follow the guidenace on these Government web pages.

I have had the flu jab (or equivalent), do I need to self-isolate if someone else is symptomatic or positive in my household?

Yes, you would need to self-isolate along with other members of your household, unless you have had both doses of the Covid vaccine - then you would be able to take lateral flow tests for 7 days.

Food, deliveries and collecting items

What meals will I receive while self-isolating?

Up to date catering information for self-isolating students can be found on the University’s Food and Drink website.

Can I get food delivered by outside companies (eg supermarkets, take-aways) while I’m isolating?

In halls of residence we will make arrangements to provide you with food. This should mean that you don’t need to order food yourself. You may however order food or takeaway deliveries if you wish. If you choose to do so please be mindful that the delivery driver must not enter your household and so would have to leave any food outside your flat or block. You may leave your block to collect.

What do I do if I have other medical needs while I’m isolating?

Please speak to Hall Management (between 8am and 6pm) or your Warden (outside of these hours) and they will be able to support with the collection of medicine.

Is there a laundry service available to self-isolating students?

For students who are living on campus and are required to self-isolate, essential laundry requirements will be collected every Wednesday.

Laundry information

If you have any concerns

Who should I contact if I’m concerned about anything whilst isolating?

From 8am-6pm during the week please contact your Hall Reception. Outside of these times please contact your Wardens Service. You can find these details on your hall LEARN page.

Will I still be able to access emotional support whilst isolating?

Yes. We can still provide online support to you via Teams or phone call. Please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

Student Services are also offering one-hour interactive support sessions for students who are currently self-isolating to discuss experiences, exchange helpful tips, focus on wellbeing and be fully aware of the support available to you. To book onto one of these sessions please register here


Your studies

How can I continue to engage with my studies when I'm isolating?

You should notify your School about your period of self-isolation online if you have not already done so. You should also feel free to contact your module leaders (making it clear that you have already informed the admin team about your self-isolation) to make them aware of your situation in case there is any additional support that they are able to provide.

We appreciate that you will have to miss any in person sessions during your period of self-isolation. Please note that these are recorded automatically and loaded into the ReVIEW block on Learn for later viewing on demand, normally within 24 hours of the teaching session. You should watch them as soon as you are able to do so to keep up.

If you miss a practical session (e.g. a laboratory or studio session) it may not be possible to catch this up at a later date. In these circumstances, we will support you as though you had missed a session through illness etc, and you may wish to ask your School about our Mitigating Circumstances processes.

Leaving your household / Travelling home / Coming back to the University

Can I leave my flat / household at all?

You can leave your flat for certain limited reasons. These are as follows:

  • Fire Alarms - If there is a fire alarm during your period of isolation you MUST still leave your flat. When you gather at the assembly point please try to do so in your household leaving at least a 2m distance from any other households.
  • For a medical emergency or a pre-arranged medical appointment – though you should take precautions if you are attending a pre-arranged medical appointment and seek advice from your medical team on whether to still attend.
  • Exercise - If you are self-isolating on campus but are free of symptoms and have not received a positive Covid-19 test, you may leave your household to exercise outdoors. You must wear a face covering when you travel from your flat but do not have to wear it exercising outdoors. You must sanitise your hands before using any door handles as you exit or enter your flat. You should observe social distancing with others. You do not need to ask permission to do this and can do this as many times as you wish, each day.

I am currently self-isolating but I want to go home to self-isolate. Is this allowed?

You need to follow the NHS guidance which states what you can and cannot do when self-isolating.

Can I go home at the weekends?

We advise all students to minimise their travel between home and University to minimise the risk of potentially spreading coronavirus.

I was already off campus when I got the self-isolation email because someone else in my household is positive or negative. What should I do?

If you choose to return to your halls accommodation you will need to self-isolate with your flat mates for the full period advised. If you are able to stay with family or friends until the end of the self-isolate, this may be preferable, but you will need to liaise with your School about any in person teaching and you should also consider the fact that you may be exposing your family or friends to risk.

If you do decide not to return to your room you should contact to confirm that you are not currently in your room and let your Warden and Hall Manager know.

If you choose to return, please email with your room number and student number as early as possible on the day your return to ensure catering is provided.

If others aren't following the rules

What should I do if I have concerns that a student is displaying symptoms but is not self-isolating?

If they are a student in your hall, please contact your Hall Warden in the first instance.

What should I do if my housemate is not abiding by the self-isolation requirements?

If you are in hall, please contact your Hall Warden in the first instance.