Support, health and wellbeing

We understand that COVID-19 has had an impact on many students’ health and mental wellbeing.

The University has several avenues available to help support your mental wellbeing during Covid-19.

What support is available?

If you feel that you would benefit from one-to-one wellbeing support, please complete our Wellbeing Appointment Referral Form. A member of our team will look at the content of this form and decide the most appropriate service to support you. This may include support from one of our Wellbeing Advisers, an initial assessment with one of our Counsellors or Mental Health Support Team, or a one-off support session to talk about the impact of Covid-19 on your wellbeing with a member of our Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Team.

LU Wellbeing app

We encourage you to download the University’s free Wellbeing App ‘LUWellbeing’. It can help you set daily goals, has a range of useful self-help materials and you will find lots of links to support services, all in one place.

Support following an incident

If you need support following an incident you can make a report to the University via our online incident reporting portal.

This tool allows you to report to the University incidents of: Domestic Violence (including honour based), Bullying and Harassment, Stalking, Hate Incidents (including racism, homophobia etc.), Safeguarding, Sexual Violence, Mental Health and Wellbeing (including self-harm and suicide attempts), Substance Misuse and any other welfare concerns.

For further information take a look at our website.

Online incident reporting portal