Expectations and etiquette

The module leaders for each of your modules will outline the expected etiquette and/or protocols to follow for learning within the module in your first session and may include information on the module Learn page and at the beginning of each live session. This is to ensure the smooth running of sessions and help all students get the most out of them.

Tips for good etiquette and getting the most out of sessions

Here are some basic tips regarding good etiquette and in getting the most out of your sessions, both within and outside of meetings are outlined below:

  1. When attending a live interactive session on MS Teams, try to be in a private and quiet setting with as few distractions as possible. Close all other windows on your device to enable you to focus on the session.
  2. During online live interactive sessions, you are encouraged to turn on your video camera and keep your microphone muted unless you would like to ask or answer a question. If you have a headset (both headphones and microphone together) or can use headphones instead of your speakers, this can help avoid any feedback or echoing created by using a microphone and speakers (guidance on managing audio settings can be found here). For privacy, we advise that you blur your background or add an artificial background (guidance on how to do this can be found here - a selection of Lboro specific backgrounds are available to choose from)
  3. If you would prefer to turn your video off, consider uploading a picture to your MS Teams profile.
  4. Within a live MS Teams session, you can signify that you want to ask a question or input to the conversation by ‘raising’ a virtual hand (guidance on how to do this can be found here). This will alert the lecturer that you would like to input.
  5. Each live session will also have a chat function where you can pose questions or add comments. It is likely that there will be lots of questions posed in the chat box. If you think a question is important, you can ‘like’ the question with a ‘thumbs up’ (guidance on how to do this can be found here). This will help the lecturer see which questions are most important. Your lecturer may also ask for a volunteer to help monitor the chat and look out for popular or important questions. Do not be discouraged if your lecturer does not manage to respond to your question, they may not have spotted it or been able to answer it easily within the session. You may also be asked to engage in other ways during a live interactive session so please listen out for the instructions from your lecturers.
  6. Your lecturer will outline their preferred methods for communicating outside of a scheduled session at the beginning of the Semester. This may include adding questions to the MS Teams channel for your module or sending a direct message through MS Teams chat. Staff are adapting to a new way or working as well and may not be able to respond to questions immediately so please be patient.

Using MS Teams appropriately

When attending a live interactive session via MS Teams, the same code of conduct applies as if you were attending a lecture or seminar in person. It is not acceptable to record the screen without the organiser’s permission or to take pictures of any staff/students on screen. If you are found to be in breach of this, you could face disciplinary action.