Loughborough Postgraduate Student Safety Net 2020/21

Please note: This information relates to the 2020/21 academic year. Details on the Postgraduate Student Safety net for the 2019/20 academic year can be found here.

The Loughborough Postgraduate Safety Net is for all taught Masters students and ensures consistency, equity and fairness.

We have already committed to:

  • ensuring nothing that we do disadvantages a student in respect of their degree outcome;
  • giving students the opportunity to undertake online assessments to demonstrate their learning and graduate with a degree which they can be proud of;
  • upholding the standards of Loughborough University, as required by our regulatory bodies, and ensure that employers will continue to recognise the quality of your degrees.

The Loughborough Postgraduate Taught Safety Net is designed to help all students, in a consistent way, ensuring everyone is treated fairly given the changes to assessment and moderation, at this difficult time.

Please note that the Loughborough Safety Nets were used successfully during the 2019/20 academic year and were able to support students appropriately. Therefore, it has been decided to roll the Safety Nets forwards for 2020/21.

Some small changes have been made to reflect the fact that Semester 2 last year (2019/20) was very severely affected by the sudden and unplanned closure of the University’s campuses in March as the Coronavirus situation escalated.

This academic year we have largely been able to plan in advance for any changes required to the delivery of teaching in Semester 1, with examinations previously scheduled to be online and the University’s campuses have been allowed to remain open.

Please note that the Safety Nets were put in place in early December to ensure that we continue to do all we can to support our students to succeed.

Our absolute priorities are two-fold. First, to ensure students can meet the learning outcomes of their programmes and to graduate within broadly a similar timeframe this academic year. Second, to maintain standards so that your qualification is a true reflection of your ability and continues to be recognised by employers and others for its academic credibility and value.

We are aware that the national situation since the beginning of the Christmas break in respect of Covid-19 will have presented additional challenges. Therefore, we guarantee that we will keep the Safety Nets under review as the situation develops. In particular, we will take into account how the national situation may impact the rest of this academic year, and will, if appropriate, make additional modifications once the picture is clearer in the coming weeks.

Postgraduate student Safety Net diagram

How the Safety Net works

Safety net 1

Marks for every module will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

We will examine the marks for every module this year and compare them to those for the three years prior to 2019/20 (before Covid-19). If necessary, we will adjust the marks to ensure that they are consistent with these three years to take into account the situation this year, and to ensure that pass marks reflect that students have achieved the module learning outcomes being assessed.

Note – Where modules are new or have significant changes this year, they will be adjusted in the light of performance on similar types of modules at the same level.

Safety Net 2

Students who claim mitigating circumstances can have these taken into account.

Any student can continue to claim Mitigating Circumstances in the usual way if their situation presents particular difficulties which we have not been able to adequately address in advance working with them. All claims will be viewed fairly and sympathetically. 

You need to explain the impact of the circumstances on your studies in as much detail as you can. You should provide supporting evidence if you are able to, but we recognise this might not be possible in some cases, please do submit the claim anyway. Please check out the further details for examples and support. 

Safety Net 3

Overall grades for cohorts will be consistent with those in the three years prior to 2019/20 (before Covid-19).

We will examine the overall outcome for the cohort of students on every programme, and ensure that the marks are consistent with those obtained, in the three years before Covid-19.

Note – Where degree programmes are new or have significant changes this year, they will be adjusted in the light of performance on similar types of programmes at the same level.

Safety Net 4

For continuing or part time students who took modules in Semester 2 2019/20, we will ensure that degree outcomes are in line with the result that you could reasonably have expected based on previous and future achievement. We will consider, in particular, the marks obtained in Semester 2 2019/20, in the context of those obtained in other Semesters and years.

If a student does not satisfy the University’s General Regulations (Regulation XXI) for the award of postgraduate degrees after consideration through Safety Nets 1-3, then opportunities for reassessment will be provided in line with our normal procedures to enable them to gain the necessary credit.