Information for International and EU students, and students not currently based in the UK

We are very conscious that the current situation brings particular challenges for students who are not resident in the UK at the moment.

We have brought together a range of relevant information to help you plan and to help you understand your options.

Travelling to the UK

The UK Government currently has in place restrictions and conditions for travel to the UK from overseas. Those who do not comply with Government restrictions may be subject to substantial fines, so please read the information elsewhere on this website carefully.

When coming to the UK, you will need to take Covid-19 tests in advance of your travel and during your quarantine period at your self-isolation address (for example, campus accommodation or private sector accommodation). You will be able to use the Test and Release scheme if you wish. This is the situation for the majority of travellers entering the UK. Full information is available on the Government website

Additionally, the British Government has published a ‘red list’ of countries. If you have been in or travelled through any of these countries in the previous 10 days, you require residence rights to travel to the UK.  It is the University’s understanding that if you are a British or Irish National, hold a full student visa (Tier 4 or Student Route) or are an EU national settled or pre-settled status in the UK, you do have residence rights and will be allowed to enter the UK. However, if you travel from a red list country you must quarantine in a Government-approved hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750. 

You should check the information regularly and just prior to travelling, as the Government may have made changes that affect your plans, e.g. the countries on the ‘red list’ may have altered.  Although the University is providing free Covid-19 testing for the safe running of the campus this cannot be used to satisfy the Government’s mandatory travel test requirements, which have to be complied with separately.

Information for European Economic Area (including EU) and Swiss Students

If you first entered the UK prior to 11pm on 31 December 2020 you will likely have established residence that would make you eligible to remain and re-enter the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme. If you have not already applied for the EU Settlement Scheme you should do so as soon as possible and no later than 30 June 2021; otherwise, you will have to apply for a Student visa to enter the UK. To continue your studies after 30 June 2021 (if applicable) you will need to provide evidence that you have applied for or obtained Settled or Pre-Settled status, or a Student or alternative visa.

If your first entry to the UK is after 31 December 2020 or you have been outside the UK for longer than is permitted you may need to obtain Student visa permission for long-term studies or enter the UK to study as a Visitor. Visa advice and information is available from the Student Advice and Support Service.

Irish Citizens

If you hold Irish nationality, you may continue to live and study in the UK without any restrictions. You are not required to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Living and Working in the UK after completion of your studies

If you are a Tier 4/Student visa holder and are due to complete your programme in 2021, you may be interested in the new Graduate Route visa which provides the opportunity to live and work in the UK after graduation. In order to be eligible, you must arrive in the UK by 21 June 2021. This new deadline was introduced by UKVI in March 2021 and replaces the requirement to arrive by 6 April 2021. A separate arrival deadline will apply for postgraduate taught students who commenced their programme in January 2021. For more details, please refer to our Graduate Route webpage.