Student frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the questions you're asking most regularly.

Campus access

Is the Students’ Union open?

All the venues and facilities in the Students’ Union will be open. In line with the likely Government requirement, you are likely to need to show proof of your vaccination status before you will be able to enter the Students’ Union club nights.

Is the Library open?

For the latest information on the Library and its services, please visit their website.


Will I need to be vaccinated in order to come and study at the University?

All students are strongly encouraged to have both doses of the Covid vaccination. Further information for UK and overseas students is available on the Covid Vaccinations webpage.

The University will not, however, require students to prove they have been vaccinated in order to start their studies with us.

Covid-19 testing

Do I need to book a test when I return to campus?

All students coming to the University for the start of term in the autumn will need to take a series of tests: before travelling, before accessing any campus facilities and in the days after arriving at the University. You will then be required to take weekly Lateral Flow Tests at our onsite testing centre until at least the end of October.

Compliance with the University's Covid testing requirements is monitored and you will not be allowed access to University facilities if you have not complied with our testing regime.


Do I have to pay for my Covid test?

No, it is free.

How often do I need to take Covid test?

You will be required to take weekly Lateral Flow Tests at our onsite testing centre throughout the autumn term.

Compliance with the University's Covid testing requirements is monitored and you will not be allowed access to University facilities if you have not complied with our testing regime.


Where is the test centre?

Tests are carried out at the Martial Arts Centre on campus. Details of the current opening hours are available on the Fast-Turnaround Testing page.

Can I book a test elsewhere?

Students may book a test elsewhere if they have a significant reason to do so. For example, you may be a commuting student, or you may have other accessibility issues which prevent you from using the University’s test centre.

If this is the case, you will need to provide the email or text proof you receive from the NHS so your record can be updated. If you are using an approved at-home testing kit, you will need to send a photo that clearly shows the unique number on the Lateral Flow Device alongside the date and time to

Learning and teaching

Will all my lectures be online?

If you are expected to return to campus for in-person teaching after the Easter break, then you may see some changes to your timetable over the next week, as the University looks to enhance timetables to provide the optimum student experience whilst working within current government guidelines.

If you are studying on a taught programme where Government restrictions on in-person teaching remain in place (this will largely be classroom-based programmes), we shall continue to deliver the curriculum online for the time being. We shall return to in-person delivery the moment circumstances allow.

We have reviewed the use of space on our campuses to maximise the accommodation available for in-person teaching and developing robust health and safety procedures. Therefore, we plan to fuse in-person and online teaching delivery, running in-person teaching sessions where it is reasonable, practical and possible to do so once restrictions ease.

What should I do if my lecturer drops out of a live session?

There may be technical reasons that mean your lecturer unexpectedly drops out of a live session. If this is the case, please remain within the meeting for 10 minutes to give your lecturer chance to try and re-enter the meeting. If this is not possible, your lecturer will try and post a message within the meeting to advise as to what material you can access during your lecture slot.

What can I do if I miss a live interactive session?

Live interactive sessions will normally be recorded and uploaded to the ReVIEW block on your Learn module for you to watch.

How should I contact my lecturer with a question outside of the scheduled sessions?

Your lecturer will outline their preferred methods for communicating outside of a scheduled session at the beginning of the Semester. This may include adding questions to the MS Teams channel for your module or sending a direct message through MS Teams chat. You can also use Learn to communicate with your lecturers. Staff are adapting to a new way or working as well and may not be able to respond to questions immediately so please be patient.

How will I have meetings with my personal tutor/dissertation or project supervisor outside of timetabled classes?

Your school will indicate the preferred method and arrangements for meeting with your tutors.

We continue to encourage staff and students to meet informally/formally because this is a really important part of the student experience, and very much valued by our students. However, such meetings can only take place in person where the facilities is suitable – that is social distancing can be maintained and there is suitable ventilation. The face covering policy also applies.

Please respect the wishes of individual staff members in how they will meet with you – in some cases meetings may be in staff offices if they are large enough to maintain social distancing, you may be asked to move into an open area, wait until the meeting can be booked into an appropriate space or conduct the meeting via MS Teams.

Can I remotely access a PC on campus?

Over 1300 lab PCs will be available for remote access. Guidance on how to access these PCs is available on the IT Services website.

How can I prepare and submit a presentation for my coursework?

The Panopto Personal Capture software allows you to easily record a PowerPoint presentation with audio. It's a version of Loughborough University's ReVIEW system, but it has the advantage that it can downloaded and installed on student computers to allow recordings to be made, uploaded and edited remotely. The handouts below will show you how to download, record, edit and submit a video presentation using the personal capture software.

Will there be any refunds of tuition fees because so much teaching was online in 2020/21?

The University wrote to applicants and students during the summer an autumn of 2020 explaining its plans for teaching and assessment during the academic year 2020/21 including the priority placed on in person teaching but also indicating that arrangements might have to change if in person teaching was not possible due to government restrictions. We resumed in person practical teaching as soon as this was permitted, on 8 February for a limited number of programmes and then for all programmes with practical elements from 8 March.

In person teaching resumed were practicable for the majority of students following the final lifting of government restrictions on 17 May 2021.

Some students have opted out of in person delivery and this was done at their on risk on the terms set out in the Student Handbook.

Staff have worked hard to provide high quality online resources and live delivery and therefore no refund of tuition fees is planned however students chose to access their programmes in practice.

If I want to make a complaint as a result of the impact of Coronavirus on my studies what should I do?

If you have immediate concerns that the quality of teaching delivery and the learning resources available to you are not satisfactory for you to be successful on the modules you are taking you should raise your concerns as soon as possible, normally with the module leader for the module concerned, so they can address the issues you have raised at the earliest opportunity.

If you are still dissatisfied, please contact the Associate Dean (Teaching) for your School who will consider your complaint on behalf of the Dean in accordance with the final stage of the informal element of the University’s student complaints procedures which are set out in Ordinance XXXVIII.

If your concerns relate to the marks you have been awarded, you should instead submit an academic appeal after Programme Board decisions have been published and you have received your results for this academic year. If you think an error might have been made processing your marks, please contact your School administrative team first.

If having received a response from the Associate Dean (Teaching) you wish to make a formal complaint, you might like to bear in mind the following points to assist us in addressing your concerns in a timely manner:

  • Please make clear in what way you believe the University has not fulfilled its responsibilities to you as a result of the Coronavirus situation, providing details of the modules and why you believe the teaching delivered was not adequate;
  • Please explain carefully how you think you have been adversely affected. As noted above, if your concerns relate to the marks awarded, then please follow the academic appeals process instead;
  • Please explain why you feel that the arrangements made by the University have not been adequate;
  • Please provide an indication of the action you seek from the University.

Your complaint will be considered under the formal complaints procedure and should be addressed to the Academic Registrar in the first instance via the student complaints email address.

Self isolation and quarantine

What do I do if I need to self-isolate?

You must isolate at your term-time residence. If you don’t adhere to this, you will be risking the health and safety of others and putting the University at risk of a potential outbreak and stricter regulations. Anyone who does not stay at home when required will face University disciplinary action. You must inform the University’s Connect and Protect service if you are self-isolating.

What support is available to me if I’m self-isolating?

Information is available on the Self-Isolation weboages.

Health and wellbeing

What mental health support is available to me?

There are several different avenues of support available to students.

If you think you would benefit from one-to-one wellbeing support, please complete the Wellbeing Appointment Referral Form. A member of the team will be in contact to let you know which service is the most appropriate to support you.

You can also download the University’s free LU Wellbeing app here.

More information on wellbeing resources is available here.