Covid vaccinations

All students are strongly encouraged to get the Covid vaccination.

The vaccine is given in two doses, with the second dose given eight to 12 weeks after the first. Two doses will provide you with stronger and longer-lasting protection. Further information about the vaccines is available on the NHS website.

From 16th August 2021, the self-isolation rules changed for those who have received both doses of the Covid vaccination.

You will still need to self-isolate for 10 days if you test positive for Covid – and you should let us know you are self-isolating by following these steps.

However, if you have had two doses of the Covid vaccine, and at least 14 days has elapsed since your second dose, you will not have to isolate if are identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive, unless you are told to do so by the NHS.

Booking your vaccinations

Students who are currently based in the UK

If you are registered with a GP surgery, you can book your vaccination through the NHS website or with your GP.

If you are unable to get your second vaccine, or either of them, before you come back to the University, you will be able to receive them in Loughborough.

If you are not registered with a GP, you can register with the on-campus Medical Centre or find an alternative surgery.

Students who are currently based overseas

You do not need to have been vaccinated before you arrive in the UK.

To book a vaccine in the UK we recommend that you register with a GP and get an NHS number, if you haven’t already done so. You can register with the on-campus Medical Centre or find an alternative surgery. If you’re not registered, however, you can still book a vaccination through a GP surgery as an unregistered patient.

If you have received one dose of the Covid vaccine in the country where you are currently based and will need to have the second in the UK, a GP will be able to advise you on which vaccine will be appropriate for you to have.

Covid vaccines are available free of charge in England.