Keeping safe on campus

Stay safe and protect others across our community

We want everyone on our campuses to feel safe whatever they are doing. The University is committed to ensuring that you can stay as safe as possible, and you have a part to play too.

Respect our social distancing requirements. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Wear a face covering when required. To protect yourself and others we all have a responsibility to minimise the opportunity for the virus to spread.

Social distancing

Illustration of two people standing 2 metres apart

There are a range of measures to support social distancing across our campuses.

This includes limits on the numbers of people at any one time who can access some shared areas, and Perspex screens in receptions. Managers have also put in place rotas to enable shared workspaces to operate at a lower capacity than normal.

Our social distancing guidance provides further information on the measures we’re taking.

Face coverings

The University is requiring all staff, students and visitors (including contractors) to wear a face covering when moving around buildings on te campuses.

Please remember that some people may be unable to use face coverings because of medical conditions, for example. These staff will be able to use a special lanyard to show that they are exempt from the requirement. They may also choose to wear a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard to show their exemption.

Colleagues who require a special lanyard to confirm they are exempt from the University’s Policy on the Use of Face Coverings should speak to their HR Partnering team. The team will run through a short self-declaration process before arranging a time for colleagues to collect their lanyard. Lanyards will be available by appointment from the foyer on the ground floor of the Rutland Building for the Loughborough campus or from Chris Euden, Operations Director, at the London campus.

Cleaning and hygiene

Illustration of hands being washed

Colleagues are asked to wipe down workspaces and shared equipment such as printers regularly. Wipes have been provided in office spaces and soap and water remain an effective way of cleaning surfaces. 

Hand washing

Washing your hands thoroughly is one of the primary ways of stopping the transmission of Covid-19. You should wash your hands frequently using soap and water, for at least 20 seconds each time, throughout the day. There are also alcohol-based hand sanitisers located across our campuses.

If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, throw it in the bin and then immediately wash your hands.