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Where will you live for 2020/21?

Talk to the Student Accommodation Centre first!


We are not just here for freshers - continue the Loughborough Experience in University Halls. You can apply to stay with us throughout your studies at Loughborough - over a third of hall rooms will be available to returning students.

What are the benefits of staying in halls?
Convenient location - continue to be at the focal point of life at the University
Utility bills, room insurance and Wi-Fi included
Pastoral support plus assured security of being on campus day and night

If you are hoping to go on placement but have not yet received an offer, we recommend that you apply for halls accommodation as your contract can be cancelled upon proof of your placement.

If you want to apply to return to halls, applications are open from 10:00 on Monday 2 December 2019 until 12 noon on Friday 7 February 2020 (please note this is not applicable to current Art Foundation students).

Further information on re-applying to halls can be found on our website Successful applicants will receive their offer via email from March 2020.


The Student Accommodation Centre is the only place to find 'University Approved' private off-campus accommodation. Advertisements for accommodation for 2020/21 academic year can be viewed from 1 December 2019 on Studentpad - a really good place to start your search!

All properties are independently accredited by DASH (decent and safe home) or ANUK and inspected by our staff. There are a variety of properties including flats for 1 or 2, shared houses and private Halls of Residence.

Many agents in town are targeting students to sign up now. Do not feel pressured into making a rush decision, there is plenty of accommodation available in Loughborough. You will find lots of useful information via the Student Support and Advice Centre. #Dontrentyet

Don't forget - you can discuss your options with us anytime at the Student Accommodation Centre.

We will help you find accommodation, be it halls or a house, that is right for you!


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