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WANTED: Sustainability Ambassadors

What are you doing today, for tomorrows you? If you thought that sustainability and social impact consists purely of ‘looking after the environment’ and doesn’t apply to you think again!
Become a paid Social Innovation Ambassador and provide local businesses with a Sustainability Audit to help address ethical issues such as living wage, energy saving, and fair consumption.
No previous experience is required.
If successful:
1) Ambassadors will complete a short 2hr training session that equips you to be a sustainability auditor and will enrich your work experience, develop your teamwork, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills as well as make fantastic contacts in business;
2) There will be an opportunity for a number of those taking part in the training to conduct an audit with local businesses;
3) The findings of the audit will be put forward as a report to the business.

By providing businesses with a Sustainability Audit, you are assessing businesses policies, procedures and practice, recognising where they can improve and providing them with recommendations. This a unique paid opportunity for you to make an impact by transforming business practices.

The Social Innovation Ambassadors programme are equally passionate about helping you gain invaluable employability skills. You will be trained on how to analyse business practice, understand corporate social responsibility and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and recommend changes to businesses. This an opportunity to obtain real-world experience and enrich your work experience by developing your communication skills, create viable contacts in the workplace and put the UN Global Goals into action. Ultimately, this is a steppingstone that will prepare you to tackle pressing global issues, wherever you go.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2022 at 14:05 GMT
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