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'Slavery across time and space' - LSU's Ethnic Minorities Network

The United Nations marked International Abolition of Slavery Day on 2nd December. To mark this historic day, LSU's Ethnic Minorities Network will be hosting a talk by Dr Catherine Armstrong, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University and Programme Director for Politics & International Studies.

Catherine will be drawing upon years of her own research to talk about the history of slavery and how we can understand the practice in the context of modern day society.

The event is FREE to attend and is open to students, staff and members of the public, and we would love to see you there.

Please let us know if you will be attending by purchasing a free ticket from Eventbrite. 

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Tara Nadi (extension 01509223220)
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Wednesday, 5 December 2018 at 10:00 GMT
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