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Participants need for online AI experiment. Incl. prize draw

We are exploring the influence of cognitive load (a busy mind) on overall performance in the real-world scenario of x-ray weapons detection. You will be taking on the role of an x-ray security worker analysing x-rays of baggage for weapons alongside an Artificially Intelligent (AI) companion.

We are committed to understanding how to best improve the human worker’s conditions and livelihood (physically and mentally) no matter which industry or job role, therefore this study is important for us to develop solutions that make lives easier and to understand your perspective.

By participating you are entered into our prize draw for the chance to win one of the following:
A £50 Amazon Gift Card
A Loughborough University Hoodie (any size)
A Loughborough University T-Shirt (any size)
A Loughborough University Hat (any style or colour)

Participation takes no more than 25 minutes and is accessible by clicking this link:

Your only requirements are that you need to use a computer, be connected to the internet and be in an environment where you can be sure you will not be distracted. The success of the study depends on your contribution and it is therefore important to be honest in your answers.

Thank you for contributing towards Loughborough University’s research community.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at 14:28 GMT
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