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Japanese Evening Classes

Japanese Evening Classes
Starting Wednesday 11th October (in-person on campus)
Level 1: 2.00-3.50pm
Level 2: 4.30-6.20pm

Japanese Evening Classes (20 -week courses)
In-person on campus and open to anyone 18 years of age and over.

Students and staff with existing Loughborough University IT account: there is an option to follow online via dual delivery (upon request).

Starting Wednesday 11th October 2023 (term time only)
Semester 1 Weeks 2-11 (10 weeks)
Semester 2 Weeks 1-10 (10 weeks)

Japanese 1
Wednesdays 2.00pm – 3.50 pm
Japanese 1 is designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of the language. The course covers a variety of everyday situations such as:
• Introducing yourself and others
• Telling times
• Shopping
Class work emphasises listening, speaking and practice of sentence structure; self-study consists of reviewing work done in class and practising language skills, as advised by the tutor. Writing and reading Japanese letters (Kana) are basically left to your self-study, using the handouts provided and with tutor’s support.

Japanese 2
Wednesdays 4.30pm – 6.20 pm
Japanese 2 assumes that learners have previous basic knowledge of the language, such as Verbs (-masu form) and their conjugation with appropriate particles, and Adjective conjugation and how they modify nouns. Learners are expected to have had approximately 80 hours of previous study: 40 hours’ contact time and 40 hours’ personal study. In addition, knowledge of Hiragana (reading & writing) is required, and knowledge of Katakana is desirable. Learners are expected to have covered “Japanese for Busy People I” L1-14, or equivalent. The course introduces new grammatical structures and focuses on how to express topics relevant to daily life, such as:
• Giving/receiving
• Inviting someone to do something together
• Making suggestions and offers
• Talking about one’s possessions, habitual action, on-going action and states.
• Giving/asking permissions & prohibitions
• Talking about one’s skills, preferences, symptoms etc.
The course also introduces cultural aspects to understand the background of the language and people.

A week-by-week course outline is available upon request.

Fees per year:
Students £160
Staff / alumni / campus partners £180
General public (in-person only) £200

For more information and to register please email:


Japanese Evening Classes
Starting Wednesday 11th October (in-person on campus)
Level 1: 2.00-3.50pm
Level 2: 4.30-6.20pm


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