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Get Ahead Together: A Peer Mentoring Programme for Part A students

This programme was run during semester one with 97 first year students taking part and a whopping 95% of those students rating the programme 4 or more stars.

One student said:

“The peer mentors were extremely friendly and nice! They made me feel welcome and included in part of the Loughborough community and made me feel reassured about my course and my future. I’m definitely feeling a lot better about succeeding at university and have been inspired by their amazing attitude and mentality towards their lives. This program has been fantastic and I’m glad that I’ve joined up!”

What is Get Ahead Together?

Get bespoke support from a peer mentor through 4 unique group discussion sessions across semester two on the following topics:
Preparing for Success in Semester Two
Get Ready for Your Year Out
How to Ace Essays or Reports
How to Skill up on Studying

What are the benefits?
- Develop healthy study habits
- Learn and reflect from semester one
- Meet new people from your school
- Have access to two mentors for group support.

You will be in small groups of around 8-10 students from your school being mentored by 2 second or final year students from Loughborough. This is a great chance to get bespoke support around your studies from those who have been in your shoes! It’s also a fantastic chance to meet new people from similar courses.
Each session will take place on a Wednesday evening 6pm-7pm in Stewart Mason between 15th of February to the 8th of March.
How to apply

Spaces are limited. To be considered, please complete the application form by 31st of January. 


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