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Do you need help with your career plans? Get a Mentor!

Each of us is different and our diversity sparks our unique ability to look at the world from different angles and contribute our personal best.

The Diversity Mentoring Scheme connects you with alumni from a range of different backgrounds that you can approach including: ethnic minorities, alumni with disabilities, alumni from low income households, females in STEM, and more.

What can you get help with?
• Looking and applying for work experience and placements
• Learning about how to get into certain careers and jobs
• Finding out what made the alumni stand out to employers
• Learning from alumni’s advice on what they wish they had and hadn’t done as a student

Please note you will need to available to be mentored between 11th March and 10th May to have 5 mentoring conversations.

For more information please go here:
To apply, please go here:

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