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Disability History Month - Guest Speaker Event

Do you want an internship over the summer? Then come to this event!

Have a disability? Don't know whether you should share this to an employer or where/when to do so? Unsure about what adjustments you need and how to communicate them to an employer? Then this session will be perfect for you.

This is workshop delivered by EmployAbility and Change 100 covering:
Should you disclose your disability to employers? Benefits and pitfalls
If you choose to disclose it, when, what and how should you disclose,and what will they do with your information?
Getting experience
the internships and opportunities advertised by EmployAbility on behalf of employers and the internship offered by Change 100

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Hemisha Harji (extension 222078)
Posted on
Monday, 5 November 2018 at 11:53 GMT
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