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Centre for Faith and Spirituality Annual Lecture, Thurs 22nd Nov, 7pm, J104 EHB

'The early apostles were accused of turning the world upside-down. They did so without engaging politically or fighting for the social and economic justice that we often consider the church's present day agenda. Yet they radically
challenged its culture and proclaimed that Christ not Caesar or the gods of Rome was Lord. We examine how they did this and ask if the contemporary church traded in the radical message of Christ's Lordship for something lesser?'

Rev Dr Derek Tidball, was for many years Principal of London School of Theology. Formerly minister of two Baptist churches, Derek had also been Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council and President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Since leaving LST,  he has held teaching appointments in two British
theological colleges and taught Masters' courses in Sri Lanka, India, Australia and the United States. He has authored over thirty books and many articles. 

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