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Call for participants with Type 1 Diabetes

Our wonderful Masters students in design need a few participants to talk to (online or in-person) for a group project they are doing with an industry partner. Can you help? Or do you know someone who could? 

Information from our students:

Dear staff & students

We are students studying user experience design at Loughborough University Design School. Our team is doing a research project with a medical equipment manufacture to enhance diabetes patients’ treatment experience. We are looking for interview participants who have Type 1 diabetes. Please also pass this request to friends and family who qualify.

Eligibility criteria for participation:
• Age:18+
• Live in the UK
• Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four or more years ago (so that you have experience both in face-to-face and remote treatment, i.e., before/during/after the pandemic)
• Not pregnant
• We are interested in people who use insulin pumps or any other types of equipment.

We will have an interview for about 30 minutes (longer if you have the time) and ask about your treatment experience (both online service and in-person service). Interviews will take place this week or next week.

If eligible and interested in taking part, please contact Dabin Han (Postgraduate UX student, And you will be sent an information sheet with full details before you decide to take part. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks & Kind regards,
Group 7 from industry project


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Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at 17:15 GMT
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