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2019 freshers - Hall Accommodation Roadshows

You have survived Freshers Flu and started to form lifelong groups of friends. You may be starting to think about where you will live next year.

DON'T RUSH INTO ANYTHING! Your first term is for settling into student life, getting to grips with your studies and making friends.

Many agents in town will already be targeting students to sign up now. Do not feel pressured into making a rush decision, there is always a good choice of accommodation available in Loughborough. #DontRentYet

You will shortly be invited to an ACCOMMODATION ROADSHOW during NOVEMBER / EARLY DECEMBER – look out for your invitation.

Hosted by your Warden, representatives from the Student Accommodation Centre and Student Advice and Support will be there to talk to you about your accommodation options for 2020-21.

As a first year student we would strongly recommend that you attend to find out all your accommodation options. You will get some essential things to think about before you start your house hunting and also some of the things to avoid!

We will help you find accommodation that is right for you, be it returning to hall or finding a house!

Look forward to seeing you.

Student Accommodation Centre Team

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Kerry McPheely (extension 223603 )
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Friday, 1 November 2019 at 9:02 GMT
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