Health and wellbeing in your hands

The LU Wellbeing app has been developed in partnership with mental health and wellbeing experts at UniWellbeing. The platform enables members of the Loughborough Family to take control of their health and wellbeing in their own hands to ultimately lead a healthy and happier lifestyle.

It follows a holistic approach using proven methods to positively influence your wellbeing, incorporating mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) amongst many other techniques. By helping you to develop small habits over time, you’ll be making a beneficial change to your lifestyle.

The toolkit focuses on key themes such as staying active, keeping connected, reflecting, achieving challenges big or small, as well as helping those around you.

The digital platform takes into account the challenges university life can bring, supporting you with common obstacles such as staying productive, relationships, maintaining a work-life balance and money management. Some of the content has also been adapted specifically for staff or students.

The guidance provided is offered in the form of podcasts, written articles and external resources.

LU Wellbeing complements an existing range of mental health resources available to staff and students. These include The Yellow Book, the Employee Assistance Programme, the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity teams and the University’s Health and Wellbeing blog.

LU Wellbeing is free to download on any smart device and can be found on the App Store or Google Play.