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Dear colleagues

We have updated our guidance for staff on safety in respect of home working (using DSE) to include those with additional needs. This updates guidance issued to staff last week on home working via the Staff Noticeboard.

During the current crisis, the majority of us are being asked to work from home using Display Screen Equipment (DSE). This may be something some people are used to doing on a regular basis. Those people may have a good office set up at home which is comfortable for them and is low risk as far as workstation set up is concerned.

However, many of us will not be in that position and you may well be improvising a little and so, to support people, we have published some guidance. Guidance entitled “Working safely at home”, was sent out via Staff Noticeboard earlier this week for all staff. This offers practical safety tips to home workers using DSE.

You may not have an ideal set up, but taking frequent activity breaks and stretching can help. (See attached guidance)

If you find this is unmanageable and it is causing you pain then talk to your line manager.

To summarise, if you have issues with your existing workstation equipment at home, please contact your School or Departmental Line Manager and discuss your concerns.

If you have a chronic condition (temporary or otherwise) which makes using DSE at home difficult, further support might be needed with your home working system.
Where you need help with reasonable adjustments regarding DSE, for instance the provision of desks, chairs etc. it is possible to arrange for the acquisition of certain types of office equipment with Furniture & Domestic Services (FADs), Estates and Facilities Management. FADs will collect the chair or desk from the individuals office or departmental building. If the item isn’t free standing, FADs will do their best to source the furniture from their own store of surplus stock.
• This is only available in respect of DSE cases or referrals from Occupational Health.
• The service is offered in very specific and limited circumstances for the provision and delivery of said equipment.
• This service is dependent on staff and resource availability and is intended for those within a reasonable distance and it will not be offered over excessive distances (eg London, Manchester).
• This service will not be available if the recipient is self-isolating and anyone in the household has symptoms of Covid19.
• This service does not extend to the ordering of small peripherals such as keyboards, arm rests or other items like bookcases or filing cabinets.

When discussing your DSE issues with your Line Managers, Safety Officer etc, other options must be considered including returning to work on campus.

Requests for the Service can be made by Managers contacting ; or The FADs team will try and include these tasks to their already busy schedules, subject to the above conditions.

FAD’s reserve the right to withdraw the service at any time if the resource isn’t available or the general crisis worsens.

For technical issues around IT connectivity etc and general backup with any IT problems contact IT Services.

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Hugh Weaver (extension 222183)
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Monday, 23 March 2020 at 8:46 GMT
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