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School Games 2018 – important car parking information

The School Games, a major multi-sport event is taking place on campus between 30 August and 2 September. The competition will see 1,100 of the UK’s best young athletes descend onto campus to take part in a mini-Olympic style event.

Staff and students are advised that many car parks across campus will be fully or partially closed to allow for the set up and operation of the event.

Areas affected include:

Car Park

Dates and impact


Partially closed from 25 August - 3 September


Fully closed from 25 August – 3 September

18 (Brockington and Schofield)

Fully closed from 30 - 3 September.


Partially closed from 28 August - 2 September


Fully closed from 24 August - 4 September

Haslegrave lower

Fully closed from 25 August – 3 September

Swimming Pool

Partially closed from 27 August, fully closed from 30 – 1 September

Students Union

Partially closed from 30 August – 2 September 

James France

Fully closed from 25 August – 4 September


Fully closed from 29 August – 01 September


20 spaces unavailable on 31 August

Staff and student are also asked to note that:

  • Towers Way from Security junction to East Link Road junction will be closed for the Opening Ceremony on 31 August, from 6pm – 9pm.
  • Towers Way from the Loughborough Design School barrier (after car park 9)   is fully closed from 25 August – 3 September.
  • There will be emergency access only to the east and central parts of the campus between 4:30pm and 7:30pm on 1 September due to a Triathlon event taking place. 

Throughout the School Games there will also be intermittent use of outdoor PA systems, especially in the proximity of outdoor pitches. 

Staff members are welcome to catch some of the action at outdoor events.  Access is free with a valid staff card. Tickets to seated and indoor events can be purchased online.

For more information about the events and activities on campus, visit the School Games website.

If you need to contact the University about parking or use of the PA, please call Security on 01509 222141.

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