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Message from retired staff member Jon Walker about leaving for Yorkshire

When I retired there was no way (or at least no legal way) to say goodbye to all of you who made my 34 years at Loughborough so good, through your lovely friendship and kindness, and your amazing help when I had no idea what I was doing (most of the time!).

In addition, at the beginning of July, we are moving to Ilkley in Yorkshire to be nearer our son. This means we will see much less of you in the coffee shops and bars of Loughborough (although we will be down visiting Alison’s mum) and wanted to have at least the chance to catch up with some of you before we go.

So, on Tuesday 28th June Alison and I will be hanging around the EHB (inside or out depending on the weather) from 10.30 am to around 2 pm (which sounds like coffee and cake merging into lunch!) if you happened to be on campus that day and had time to call over for a few minutes. We would love to see you!

And, whatever happens on that day, this is a chance also for me to say a massive thank-you to everyone who I had the immense privilege to work alongside during those years. Loughborough is an amazing place only because of its amazing people, so a huge thank-you to you all and never forget LOUGHBOROUGH IS FOR LIFE!

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Alison Barlow (extension 228696)
Posted on
Tuesday, 7 June 2022 at 15:59 GMT
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