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Cancelled Overseas Business Travel - Coronavirus.

• your planned conference, meeting or event is cancelled by the host; or
• the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have restricted travel stating “ FCO advise against all but essential travel “
you will be able to submit a claim for reimbursement of the costs you have incurred subject to you providing the following information:
• A copy of any communication or document from the event host confirming that the conference / meeting / event is cancelled; or
• A copy of the F.C.O advice to confirm “F.C.O advise against all but essential travel “.
• Evidence that you have attempted to seek refunds such as Airport Tax / Air passenger Duty from Key Travel for all travel itinerary purchased with them; but have been unsuccessful.
• Evidence that you have attempted to seek refunds from any other bookings made for cancelled overseas business trip; but have been unsuccessful.
• Where you have not been able to obtain a refund then the full cost of your travel may be claimed.
• A completed valid claim form. Please ensure that the form is returned signed and accompanied with supporting documents.
Where the event has not been cancelled by the host or where the FCO advice is not restricting travel to your destination, but you decide not to travel anyway, then all costs associated with the journey will not be covered by Loughborough University Business Travel Insurance Cover.
Please find attached a copy of the form required to be completed, signed and returned with all supporting documents. 

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Hiten Patel (extension 01509222026)
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Monday, 16 March 2020 at 9:40 GMT
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