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*** Welcome to Unite the Union at Loughborough University ***

Dear Colleague,

I would like to introduce you to Unite the Union at Loughborough University.

We are one of many branches around the country made up of 1.42 million people making us the largest and strongest Union in the country.

We as a branch at Loughborough University strive for fairness and equality in the workplace. You as an employee cannot always defend yourself on your own to your best advantage. Not only that - the time when you really need the expertise of a trade union is when you least expect it. With the right advice from a Union representative who has a large amount of resource to call on you can expect to get the specialist guidance and support you need. Our representatives are experienced in many areas of the University, who represent and advise members, but also sit on top level committees and negotiate new policies and advise senior management on best ways forward, this enables us as a trade Union to help shape the University into a fairer place to work.

You can join Unite the Union at Loughborough for as little as £3.25 per week for those working full time or £1.70 per week for those working up to 21 hours per week. Join us today and you can be one of many people who help strive for a fairer place to work. As a member you will be entitled to many benefits which include discounted car insurance, health and home insurance, free legal advice, Unite shopping rewards, financial advice, Unite mortgages etc. etc. For a more comprehensive list of benefits please go to:

Free expert legal services for Unite members and their families.

Join us today.

Join Unite at Loughborough University and help shape your future. Attached is Unite main membership categories list and Branch Poster.

Minutes of meetings, quarterly Newsletters and Unite Representative contact details can be found on our website

For further information please contact myself, Mark Hyde on 01509 226051 or Spencer Aryeetey on 01509 228077

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Mark Hyde (extension 226051)
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Thursday, 11 October 2018 at 10:38 GMT
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